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Financial advisors are the professionals who decides the best investment and course of action for your wealth management. These financial business planner select the appropriate investment by taking care of your business goals. Financial advisor are the wealth planner, who provides investment management services you set your goals and advisors turn them into reality with their expert financial planning. A good advisor will assist you in understanding complex Investments, selecting best insurance and managing your tax matters. A true financial advisor should be a well educated, experienced, trustworthy financial professional who works on behalf of his clients and serve them their interests. So before choosing your competent financial business planner and top financial advisor in Delhi, you have to assure about them.

When it comes to select best financial planner VSRK Wealth Creator is the name you can trust upon. It is one of the wealth management consultants in Delhi. We provide best wealth management, portfolio management, investment and tax planning services through understanding your Financial goals. We just don’t plan financial aims, We also achieve them. Our experienced experts know how to invest money in different Investment plans and makes us best wealth management companies in Delhi NCR. We’re continuing our success story since 2013, with providing best financial solutions as we are one of the best financial advisory firms in Delhi.

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VSRK is one of the financial consultants in Delhi, giving advisory on mutual funds, life insurance, general insurance, pre-IPO, PMF, IVF and other structured financial products. VSRK, the certified financial planner in Delhi is founded in November 2013 by Mr. R.K Agarwal, whose name we often see in leading financial newspaper and magazines in India. It is co-founder Swapnil Agarwal is one of the investment advisor in Delhi, having a decade of mutual fund experience and stock market. VSRK has been awarded as wealth management firms in Delhi by Pan India in Distribution of UTI Mutual Fund products in IFA Category for the year 2009-2010.

VSRK has been a member of UTI Mutual Fund Chairman Club since 2008. This shows the credibility and authenticity of it. VSRK has also been awarded IFA Category WEALTH FORUM Advisor Award – 2010 for Highest Growth in AUM Equity + Hybrid) – North Zone – Delhi Region for financial business planner in Delhi. Here at VSRK we advise about your financial needs at different level of your age, be it for your child’s education, pension plans, medical insurance plans or making huge investments for profitable businesses. That’s what make us the. VSRK has over more than two decade of experience in financial investing.


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Our goal is create solutions for Clients spanning the entire gamut of their Personal Financial Planning that are Value Driven, Customized and Long Term.

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"We thank you for the work you have done for us over the past years. The expertise & attention with which you have handled our financial affairs could not be faulted. Your advice on financial planning has saved us significant amount of money. May you prosper along with your clients. "
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Dr. Jatin Gupta
" Unlike most IFAs, VSRK Wealth Creator is not sales motivated. It is a refreshing change to deal with someone not motivated by selling products which does not necessarily meet my needs. Their proactive approach to financial planning has already put me in a much stronger position. I have no problem in recommending him to my friends "
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Mr. Sashi Verma – Own Business

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Mutual Funds?
A mutual fund is one of the most popular modes of investment opt by investors desirous of making good returns on the same. There are generally only 2 ways to invest in a mutual funds scheme- Lump sum investment and Systematic Investment Plan.Lump-sum investment refers to the investment of a good sum of money once into the scheme. It is suitable for times when you have a free load of cash in hand with you. However, the availability of a comparatively huge sum of money is not very common and this is the reason why many potential investors were unable to make investments.
How Do Mutual Funds Work?
Mutual funds are one of the most popular financial instruments in town. Mutual fund is a collection of funds pooled in by investors and managed by a portfolio manager. Such funds are invested into various schemes in accordance to the earlier set objectives. Such mutual funds are of many types like equity funds, debt funds, hybrid funds, income funds, growth funds, index funds etc. Each fund has its own objectives, risk & reward. Different investment bankers offer different schemes. You may select the one which favors your objectives the most.
What is Stock Exchange?
Stock exchanges are markets where the participants come together for buying and selling of financial instruments such as shares, debentures, bonds, etc. it is run by set rules and regulations set by appropriate bodies such as SEBI in India. Only the securities of listed companies are traded with stock exchanges. All such stock exchanges shall be recognized by the government and only registered brokers and members are allowed to trade instruments on it.
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